Quail Ridge at Liberty Point


Quail Ridge
Homeowners Assoc.
Pueblo Colorado

Board Members:

President:                       David Anderson             
Vice President:              Carol Miller

Treasurer/Secretary:  Harry Nachtigall          
                         Judith Lopez
Member:                          Pam Roberts
Member:                          Gordon McAlister
Member:                          Dana Johnson             


Next Meeting:1-27-2016  5:00 p.m.
Next Annual
Meeting:2-24-2016  6:00 p.m.     @Pueblo West Library
298 Joe Martinez Blvd.
Pueblo West, Colorado 81007


Property Management:
Ideal Management:  Mike/Shelly Kelly
503 N. Main St.    Suite 640
Pueblo, Colorado


HOA monthly dues:    $145.00-$165.00
Payable to:


Any claims need to be processed through the H.O.A



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